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How to Run Successful Fitness Boootcamps

Want to Leverage Your Time
and Earn More Money By
Running Fitness Bootcamps?...

Learn What It Really Takes to Set Up
an Effective Fitness Bootcamp
Without All the Time Consuming Trial-and-Error”

As a fitness professional, if you’ve spent any time researching ways to increase the profits you generate from your business, you know that bootcamps are an excellent way to do just that.

Running a fitness bootcamp makes it easy to…

  • Book multiple clients at the same time, increasing your productivity

  • Train people with little or no equipment

  • Set everything up without having your own gym or studio

  • Work with large groups of people all at once

  • Earn more income per hour without doing more work

People are flocking to these bootcamps because they are fun, effective, and convenient.

And since you can perform them at local parks, playgrounds, or even in your own backyard, there’s no need for a gym membership for your clients – or any overhead fees for you.

That saves you AND your clients money, making a bootcamp a much easier (and cost effective) “sell” than private one-on-one training.

“All the Information You Need To Successfully Run
Your Own Profitable Bootcamps…All In One Place”

Trainers are attending seminars and swarming the Internet trying to find information on how they can run their own successful boot camps.

Well now, YOU don’t have to…

The founders of NutriFitness have put everything you’ll ever need to start and run your own successful fitness bootcamps into a step-by-step, downloadable package called Sure Victory: Fitness Bootcamp Kit .

NutriFitness combines more than 30 years of fitness experience with in-depth research into the conditioning strategies of the U.S military and the most successful fitness boot camps in the country.

Sure Victory: How To Design Boot Camp Workouts That Blast Fat And Build Powere-book is 64 jam-packed pages of information including:

  • What differentiates a boot camp from other fitness programs and why they are so effective

  • Learning the role of a good instructor and why working out in groups is important to the strategy

  • How to assess a participant’s fitness levels and set goals based on that information

  • How to select the right equipment to maximize training

  • What exercises attack fat the best

  • Strategies to make your “recruits” stronger and more powerful

  • A guide to teaching proper nutritional habits to your class

  • Charts of the actual physical fitness requirements of the U.S. military

  • Over 75 colored pictures and descriptions of the most effective boot camp exercises

And if that’s not enough, you’ll even get sample workouts that show you every exercise, rep and progression.

**New Upgrades to Sure Victory include.....

With the information in “Sure Victory” you could literally download the e-book today and start running your own profitable fitness bootcamps tomorrow.

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what others had to say:

If you’re ready to get in serious shape while having serious fun, get on your way to a ‘Sure Victory’ by grabbing your copy today!

It’s everything you need to know about designing a fitness boot camp that produces serious results for your clients and serious results for your bottom line.

Easy to read. Easy to follow. Easy to implement. Great job!”

Jim Labadie

Hello Georgette,
I just wanted to say thanks for the links you sent me I really do appreciate it. The information is GREAT and very well put together. I mean you really do cover everything about starting, marketing and running a camp. These additions are excellent. You can easily charge a couple hundered dollars for this information and you should :-)
I've literally purchased just about every bootcamp program out there and while they all add something of value yours is definately the most complete in terms of how to put a camp together, exercise selection, how to market your camp, forms to use etc. Really good stuff from top to bottom. Take care and much continued success to you.
John Gonzalez

Georgette,Hello! Just an update from me in California to let you know about my very successful 1st Bootcamp which is currently in week 4 and I am starting another camp next week! I love the Sure Victory Boot Camp product I got from you a few months ago. It’s like the ultimate Boot Camp Bible…I’ve got it printed in color and bound, and I whip it out frequently as a resource (I have it printed twice so it’s handy). The audios are great too. I have a huge library of must-have MP3 files like yours that continue to provide insight and inspiration when I’m out and about. I highly recommend the Sure Victory product to anyone brand new or anyone who thinks they have enough know-how already, they surely need Sure Victory!!

Thanks for keeping me informed with your monthly Fitness Bootcamp Strategies Newsletter, too.

Beth Middlekauff

Can you buy a booming business opportunity for less than a 100. bucks?
What about commandeering a cash-cow of a career for less than a car payment?
You can if you buy Georgette Pan's Sure Victory like I did! Everything from assessments
to organizing, from exercises to execution it's all you'll need to put together winning and
profitable Bootcamps as soon as you turn the last page. Don't miss out on the easiest
raise you've ever earned, earn it by purchasing Sure Victory before she comes to her senses
and boosts the price. (the bonuses are really sweet too! don't wait!)"
- King Hoover -Host of FIT FOR A KING on SIRIUS Satellite Radio Channel 161

My name is George Comalli, and I own a health club in Portland Oregon.Let me first say how impressed I am at the thorough job you
have done in putting this program together. I was happy to purchase the system and have not stopped reading and planning since.The forum group is awesome as well as your program.
Thanks again!!!

Hi Georgette
"I was more than surprised when I received my copy of Sure Victory. The material was easy to apply and implement and I was able to begin programming two different 3x weekly Bootcamps right away. The forms totally rock and make anyone seem like a Major veteran in just a few hours work, I can't thank you
enough for all your help. Thanks for putting together a great product that will help anyone make a lot more money AND their clients a lot more fit. I was blown away by the bonuses too, I don't remember ever getting so much for so little." - King Hoover- Host of FIT FOR A KING on SIRIUS Satellite Radio Channel 161

Hi Georgette, Thanks so very much for all the help. I finally started and everyone is thoroughly enjoying it! Thanks to you for giving me all the help!! Was a wee bit apprehensive in getting going but now it's 'A' for AWAY!! The e books are invaluable! Thanks so much especially the nutrition stuff as it's not my strong point.

Sharon Linde

HI Georgette, "Wow, great content, 68 action packed pages! Sure-Victory saved me countless hours of research, and gave me dozens of ideas to be able to launch my own Fitness BootCamp with 20 paying recruits within 3 weeks!

If you're planning on starting a fitness camp Sure-Victory is an absolute must." --Anon

The Easy, No-Nonsense Way To Get Started Quickly

I’m going to be completely honest with you…

Running boot camps is far from rocket science!

You already know the exercises, so why pay hundreds of dollars to attend a seminar or watch some videos, when all you really need is some help finding resources and getting it all organized?

Sure Victory: Fitness BootCamp Kit does just that! We even include simple-to-use planning forms and scheduling forms to make getting up and running with your own successful fitness bootcamps as quick and painless as possible.

You’ll learn how to…

  • Organize your bootcamps

  • Attract clients

  • How to conduct the actual sessions

  • What exercises to use to get your clients the fastest results

  • And much more…

We’ve done all the hard work for you. All you have to do is plug in the exercises, the reps, and rest intervals. And of course...

...show up to run the camps. ;-)

Still not convinced? We even added a chapter on nutritional strategies so you can help your clients learn the dangers of dehydration and even how to estimate their daily caloric needs so they get faster results.

There are even 3 sample meal plans that you can print out and give to camp members so they can make sure their eating habits are in line with their goals.

Sure Victory is the easiest way to set up and start running successful bootcamps that get your clients and your bottom line fast results. So why are we giving you all of this information?...

It’s simple, really! We’ve done the research. We’ve run many successful camps. We’ve seen the results our clients have achieved and the results for our bottom line profits.

We’ve had the success and now we want to help you share it with your clients!

And if that’s not enough to convince you that this is the easiest and most straight-forward approach to running your own successful bootcamps, we’ve even included these…

Powerful Free Bonuses To Ensure
Your Bootcamp’s Success

Sure Victory explains exactly how to set up and run your own highly successful fitness bootcamps. But just to make sure you have everything you need to get the best possible results for your client (and your bank account), we’ve added these extra bonuses:

Free Bonus #1:

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS MS has included his full 8 week Turbulence Training Program. This intensive 8 week program is the full high-octane version of bonus #2...

Free Bonus #2:

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS MS has been kind enough to include his Turbulence Training 4 Week Body Weight Training Program. This intensive manual takes you thru Craig’s Turbulence Training guidelines and covers exactly how to design workout routines for your clients using only their body weight for resistance.

This will save you tons of time, effort, and expense when it comes to making your bootcamps as effective as they can be.

You’ll learn all Craig’s secrets and exactly how to design body weight workouts for everyone in your bootcamps, from complete beginners – all the way up to your advanced clients.

The Turbulence Training bonus manual even includes detailed descriptions of each body weight exercise along with full color photos that show you the proper form. This will give you a steady stream of new ideas to keep your bootcamps fresh and exciting for your clients so they’ll keep coming back for more.

Free Bonus #3:

“Training and Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean Body” by Mike Geary, founder of TruthAboutAbs.com.

This amazing 60-page e-book will show you tons of new ways to add variety to your bootcamps so your clients get consistent results and keep coming back.

The first half of Mike’s bonus e-book covers several key tips for keeping your bootcamp workouts refreshing, varied, and super effective. The information in this half of this bonus manual is worth the price of the entire Sure Victory manual alone. But Mike doesn’t stop there…

The second half goes into great detail about proper nutrition for optimal results. There are so many things for your clients to get confused about when it comes to proper nutrition. This e-book dispels all the rumors and myths, and gives you straight-to-the-point information you can share with your clients to help accelerate their results.

Free Bonus #4: Exercise and Workout Videos

100's of Bodyweight Exercises!Including Tabata Workouts.

My Killer Bodyweight Workouts


My High-Performance Dumbbell Workouts (retail $29.97)

(Now available as Video Download to IPOD,watch online, or burn to CD)

Free Bonus #5:

"No Weights, No Gym? No Problem." By Wes Norris

This info packed e-book will give you even more great ideas for new ways to include exercises into your bootcamps that don't require any equipment.

Wes is a sought after speaker and at WITS instructor, and he brings his knowledge to the table to help you increase the effectiveness of your fitness bootcamps.

Free Bonus #6:

"Magnetic Marketing For Fitness Bootcamps" By Patrick Rigsby

If you're looking for a way to increase the amount of business you do via your bootcamps (or any other services you provide), Patrick Rigsby can help.

Patrick owns several fitness businesses from health clubs, to private personal training companies and is also a successful fitness business consultant that's worked with hundreds of fitness professionals to bring in more business and boost bottom-line profits.

Magnetic Marketing For Fitness Bootcamps shows you even more of what it takes to attract a hungry crowd to your bootcamps, and shows you several ways to increase your profits.

Free Bonus #7:

Body Weight Exercise Cardio Intervals
by Coach Eddie Lomax

Many people are brainwashed into believing the only way to have a positive impact on cardio conditioning is to do steady state cardio exercises for 30 minutes plus.

What if there was a better way?

If you're bored with your cardio training, Coach Eddie Lomax shows you how to combine body weight training with cardio training to produce results like you've never seen.

Free Bonus #8:

Printed Version of Sure Victory Book

I love e-books - instant delivery, no waiting, no shipping.

But sometimes I want to take the info with me to the couch. That's where real, hold-it-in-your-hand paper is the king. And besides, the yellow highlighters always mess up my monitor. ;-)

That's why we're including the printed version of the original Sure Victory with your order and free shipping!

Free Bonus #9
Essential Fitness Business Checklist
byTom Perkins

This bonus will be the clincher on kickstarting your fitness bootcamp business!

Sure Victory is the most comprehensive turn-key approach to getting started with your own profitable and successful fitness bootcamps you’ll ever find. In fact, we’re sure our proven system will work for you…

You’re Protected By Our Unconditional
Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t find Sure Victory Bootcamp Kit to be an effective resource for starting and running your own fitness boot camps, then we don’t want you to pay for it. Period.

Get your copy today. Apply the information to your business over the next 60 full days. You’ll have a steady stream of people signing up for your bootcamps or we’ll give you your money back.

Simply send us an email and we’ll gladly refund your money. And you can keep the free bonuses as our gift to you.

Sure Victory really will help you get set up with a successful boot camp business. You have nothing to lose. We’ve taken all the risk. Take advantage of our No Risk 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee now. Here’s what you’ll get…

Sure Victory Bootcamp Kit
Valued at Over $400.00

Sure Victory: How To Design Boot Camp Workouts That Blast Fat and Build Power

Bonus #1: 8 Week Turbulence Training Program
by Craig Ballantyne ($39 value)

Bonus #2: 4 Week Turbulence Training Body Weight Training Program
by Craig Ballantyne ($19 value)

Bonus #3: Training and Nutrition Insider Secrets For a Lean Body by Mike Geary ($47 value)

Bonus #4: Sure Victory Bodyweight Exercise Video(39.97)

My Killer Bodyweight Workouts Video


My High-Performance Dumbbell Workouts Video (retail $29.97ea)

Bonus #5: No Weights, No Gym? No Problem e-book by Wes Norris ($19.95 value)

Bonus #6: Magnetic Marketing For Fitness Bootcamps e-book by Patrick Rigsby ($27 value)

Bonus #7: Body Weight Exercise Cardio Intervals
by Coach Eddie Lomax ($29 value)

Bonus #8: Printed Version of Sure Victory + free shipping ($69 value)

Bonus #9: Essential Fitness Business Checklist
(value 49.00)

Total value: $506.90

For a limited time, yours for only $216.95 $109.00!

Here’s how to order…

Click on the order link below to select the Sure Victory option that's right for you. You’ll be taken to our secure order page. Once your payment is processed, you’ll be able to download our entire Sure Victory bootcamp system and start implementing our strategies into your business right away. The entire product package is in digital download format only.

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Since you are ordring today you can also receive the "Sure Results: The Ultimate Book of Boot Camp Workouts" at the special price of only $30! This e-book is filled with over 160 results driven boot camp workouts put together by over 40 world class trainers...guaranteed to deep your fitness camps fun, packed and profitable!"

"Sure Results" could easily sell for hundreds of dollars. In fact if you asked a top Fitness Professional, to produce 100+ different workouts for you, you’d be charged in the neighborhood of $100 to $500, not including the cost of time it would take you to do this on your own. (We currently charge a minimum of $100 for creating workouts for other PT professional.) So at bare bones minimum you’re getting hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of workouts at your disposal.

But this incredible guide is yours today for only an additional $30 when you order one of the Sure Victory Packages Below! Order Today

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Georgette Pann
Creator, Sure Victory Bootcamp Kit

P.S. No one takes running profitable bootcamps more seriously than I do. You will be able to start and run your own successful bootcamp using our strategies in Sure Victory. If not, I insist that you send it back to me for a full refund. .

P.P.S. If you’re tired of trading your time for money and want a way to start earning more without adding extra work, running fitness bootcamps is the way to go. And Sure Victory shows you exactly how to do just that.

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